Meet Travel Kollekt

Travel Kollekt empowers people who desire to travel responsibly to organize their own travel research and print their completely, personal travel books. It’s a new approach in travel publishing and our mission is to prove that planning, sustainable travel and serendipity can go hand in hand. 

About Travel Kollekt

Travel Kollekt is a “on demand” inspiration platform and personal publishing tool. Travel Kollekt allow travelers to be present, giving space for more personal contact and meaningful interaction. We believe in individuality and the wisdom of the crowds. And we also want to prove that planning, sustainable travel and serendipity can go hand in hand.

At Travel Kollekt we are bringing two worlds together in travel planning that hasn’t happened before – digital and physical content in personallized travel books. Our mission for doing so is important. To create a better environment for travel planning and thinking/acting responsibly by doing research and making active, individual choices. This is a “activist” step against the tyranny of commercial algorithms.

The simple solution for giving authorship to the traveler themselve is a personal publishing tool that uses design principles and reverse publishing to make this happen. Essentially we are also bringing paper and books back into the traveling experience. We do this because memories in books have the power to last.

We invite you to define travel. Make it yours.

Our responsible vision

We empower responsible travellers. We do this by tackling the first barrier to sustainable behavior: a lack of information. Supporting a global movement of independent travellers with tools to be more conscious. We want to play a role in encouraging people travelling with intention proving them that planning, sustainability, and serendipity can go hand in hand.

TRAVEL KOLLEKT & the Sustainable Development Goals

We work actively with the SDG’s: In this section you can read about how we relate our work at Travel Kollekt in relation to the SDG’s – in short our translations into action:

Travel Kollekt embeds UNWTO’s guide to sustainable tourism in its books to encourage and inform users on how to travel responsibly (12.b) …in the future we will do so for each individual country/region that is planned for so that we can link local and actionable advice with the traveler.

Building a library of information related to responsible tourism. From researchers, experts & indie publishers. At Travel Kollekt we provide access to publish on our platform for researchers and experts in the know on how to tackle the challenges of responsible travel. This information will ALWAYS be free available to all users – individuals or business.

For every book printed we plan a tree in partnership with Print on demand reduces the amount of excess materials printed. More relevance, less materials wasted (12.2)

By providing a tool for individual planning and personalized travel publishing “on-demand” Travel Kollekt aims to counter the possible effects of overtourism.
Our platform enables travelers and SME’s in tourism and hospitality who focuses on responsible and sustainable travel to create bespoke books. (12.2)

By automatically embedding information on how to travel responsibly we aim to create a change in behaviour. (12.8)

Travel Kollekt plants more trees than it consumes in its production (15.1, 15.2)
For every book printed we plan a tree in partnership with

At Travel Kollekt we partner with other industry organizations, national and International, who focuses on responsible and sustainable tourism industry to maximize impact and knowledge sharing. We host only content from locals, experts and organizations who can identify with the SDG’s. (17.16, 17.17)

One example of this is our strategic partnership with to allow their hosts to create bespoke, personalized welcome books for their guests.

How did we arrive at these conclusions?

By carefully studying these pages and conferring with our network/partners:

But also going back to documents such as “The Manilla Declaration

Most recently by joining the verified track for this course (still ongoing):
“How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” taught by Jeffrey Sachs, university professor at Columbia University and special advisor to United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres on the Sustainable Development Goals.

What else?
We have signed The Copenhagen Letter and The Tech Pledge.  To make sure that we remember our purpose and mission when we develop our product we follow this set of design principles from Center for Humane Technology. We take our users’ privacy very seriously (i.e. we pay for a private analytics, Matomo and there are NO THIRD-PARTY cookies installed on our site).

We are members of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, their Tourism Impact Network and Louise, our Founder has also recently joined their Tourism Rescue Team to support sustainable tourism development post-COVID19. We have joined the Impactr network as an affiliate member and we are also a member of Zebras Unite.

Our perspective on SoMe, digital detox, going offline and Travel.
To be able to support others, we must not forget our own health. Travel Kollekt addresses this goal in the manner of improving the mental health and reduction of stress often induced by social media while traveling. By enabling travelers to go offline and prepare in advance we want to create better presence for travelers. Better preparation, more presence, better memories.

Words from our founder

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow – CEO / Founder of Travel Kollekt

Louise is a creative strategist, editor and curator. She has 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands such as Republic of Fritz Hansen & GUBI.  She has also founded ‘dot the i’ – a micro-global studio and consultancy guiding top executives and decision makers on brand, communication and design strategy. She has written and curated award-winning cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs – both International and Danish. She is a life-long traveler who has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen, and have traveled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion. Her background in design & brand management, digital communication, media production & management, multimedia design & communication.


“As a traveller I’ve realized the need to disconnect to connect. I want to prove that planning, sustainability and serendipity can go hand in hand. By bringing back paper and books into the traveling experience Travel Kollekt encourages travelers to be present, giving space for more personal contact, meaningful and serendipitous interaction.”


To download press materials – please visit our press showcase

For interviews, quotes & more information please contact us at


Sustainary – Re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic

Berlin Travel Festival – Kollekt now, travel later

Travel Massive – 100 Inspiring Women Travel Founders

Business Punk  – “The best innovation since the lonely planet”

Techsavvy – TechBrief, the most important Danish & International news in tech condensed & curated.

A Quiet Day, JP – FUTURE Issue – Founder portrait & Interview in Japanese Magazine – Travel-startup in partnership with Moleskine: “We want to be able to run our business freely” – Digital nomade i Thailand med hele familien. (Founders portrait, Danish only)


Coming soon


BOOKS ON DEMAND – print on demand, perfect quality, global distribution


“Even though our business is expanding, we have been able to continually reduce the amount of CO2 emitted from our production facilities over the last three years. We only use FSC-certified paper for our books. For shipping, we use rapidly renewable raw materials such as grass-based packaging materials which are harvested regionally from so-called ecological compensation areas. We also use environmentally friendly wet adhesive tape with plant-based adhesive. We are constantly researching new ways to develop our production methods, focusing on our goal to improve the sustainability of our operations, combining economic activity with ecological awareness.”


BoD is a leading European publishing platform and pioneer in digital printing and publishing of small print runs. They specialize in printing and distributing books on demand where the minimum run can be just one copy. They are one of the largest PoD companies in the world. More than 2600 publishing companies and 45,000 authors already use their platform to bring out their books to their readers in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Resource-saving production methods using the so-called print-on-demand process forms the basis of the BoD approach, where the protection of the environment is a fundamental part of the company philosophy.



“In Moleskine we believe in the importance of the journey of body and the journey of the mind. Traveling has always been near to our hearts and a significant part of our identity. In Travel Kollekt we see the opportunity to cater to both of these journeys. By allowing users to expand their experience of travel and stimulate a travel beyond the high streets of this world we open our platform to enable a more personal and richer form of journey. “

– Peter Hobolt Jensen, Director of Digital Innovation

Together with Moleskine® we share a mission to support travellers, wherever they choose to go and however they choose to travel. While we are working on bringing you a solution for Print-on-Demand real books – these pages are optimized for DIY printing. It represents a new take on the classic black notebook, a “digital hack”. This initiative is supported by Moleskine®.


what3words – A simple way to talk about location, included in all TK books for easy navigation

“what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. We have divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address. It means anyone can accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system.”

We recommend you download the what3words app to make full use of your books. Doing so will allow you to travel and navigate completely offline. No roaming charges or media to disturb your plan. All addresses in a Travel Kollekt book is automatically appended with the w3w destination.

Together with What3Words we’ve also developed a special template for “kollekting” spots and addresses while on the go. Select it from the book editor for your next book.



We are also supportive members of:



Also supported by: Wonderful Copenhagen – TourismX

Alumni of Next Media Accelerator, batch 8

Part of the: Transformative Tech Academy – Innovators Track, Cohort 2018 


Print partner: Books on Demand

Cover designs: Naja Tolsing – Denmark, 3Land Studio – Thailand/Japan, Julia Hansson – Sweden

Identity: Britt Engelhardt Gundersen

Fonts: MS Studio — Karmilla / Noto / Paul Grotesk / Fabrikat

Maps: Mapbox  &  what3words

Icons for categorization and structure from the Noun Project: “Acropolis of Athens” by Chanut is Industries, “nature” by Made by Made, “Culture” by Mary Bowie, “market” by arif fajar yulianto, “Restaurant” by Artdabana@Design, “cocktails” by Creative Mania, “sleep” by Zech Nelson, “Glasses” by Gregor Cresnar, “more” by zena


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“Data from Mapbox are made from the live anonymous sensor data we are collecting from hundreds of millions of users, open data communities, and data from commercial partners.”


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