New features coming up…

We’ve been working on something…It’s small, but very significant in books!

And we’re really excited that it will be launched soon.

So… what is it exactly? We are adding autogenerated contents lists in all books. So soon all kollekts in your will be listed in categories like the test screenshot below.

We’re really looking forward to some feedback from you all on this new feature – as always if you have any questions on something that we haven’t covered in our FAQ or here on the blog…

Or you have encountered a problem please reach out to – the same goes for new feature requests!

We’d love to hear from you!

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Louise Zastrow

Louise is the Founder of Travel Kollekt. Louise is a brand strategist, editor, creative director, 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands. She has written and curated cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs (i.e. 2 editions of CITIx60 from Victionary). I am a life-long traveller has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen. I have travelled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.