Travel Kollekt is building a global database of professional travel writing to offer to travellers that want to go deeper and understand a destination from a more conscious, responsible and contemporary perspective. 

At Travel Kollekt we partner with creators, publishers and independent writers to deliver the best content to travelers in need. Our platform allows for individuals and publishers to get featured. Together we will build the worlds largest database for conscious, responsible and local travel writing.

We publish all articles in our collective destination compendiums together with other professionals always with a national, regional or urban perspective available for travelers to curate and compile their final own “travel-zines” By doing so we want to connect expert locals, creators, and writers with a travel audience in need, to create value for both sides.

Being an information platform, Travel Kollekt will gain a share of power when it comes to spreading information, and its authors can play a role in promoting sustainable behaviour in a destination. Although Travel Kollekt does not create the content, by making conscious travel, the SDG’s, sustainability and responsibility our core principles, we can ensure that the authors we invite to write on the platform will keep it in mind. We work to offer insights and information that will help sustainability in tourism to become a regular part of any travel experience. We believe that information is a possible first step.

We want to cover CURRENT & CONTEXTUAL topics such as:

  • Urban planning / Gentrification
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Recycling / Waste policies
  • Public transportation and infrastructure
  • History (with a contemporary perspective)
  • Innovation / future / trends
  • Human rights
  • Local Food Culture (from chefs or farmers perspective)
  • The Creative Community
  • Quality of life

Travel Kollekt is a unique opportunity for you as a local creator, writer, micropublisher, niche magazine to show us show the world you engage with your city, your region…

Travel Kollekt is a “on demand” inspiration platform and personal publishing tool. We give travellers authorship of their journeys. Travel Kollekt allow travelers to be present, giving space for more personal contact and meaningful interaction. We believe in individuality and the wisdom of the crowds. And we also want to prove that planning, sustainable travel and serendipity can go hand in hand.

We are bringing paper and books back into the traveling experience. We have taken it upon ourselves to liberate content from its current constrained formats and distracting social media. Instead we let you curate inspiration & expert content to create personal travel guides. We remain digital only to help you to enjoy the distinct experience of a printed book. We do this because memories in books have the power to last. We see the internet simply as the means to an end.

Together with our partners we share a mission to support travellers, wherever they choose to go and however they choose to travel. Only we do so with a reminder to take care of the people and the destinations that they visit.

One way of taking action is that we directly embed the Resposible Tourism Manifest from the UNWTO into all books published – whether physical or digital on our platform. And for all printed books we have established a partnership with

Travel Kollekt is not for everyone. It’s for people who are not afraid to walk the talk. It’s for people who are willing to get lost and embrace it on their journeys. We should secure diversity, new experiences along side celebrating cultural heritage. Always leaving room for impulsive decisions and the occasional “bad” experience… the stuff that creates real memories, not only focus on the trending bits…

What is important is that the individual texts are catering to an audience of independent, conscious travelers and locals alike – which is also why we ask you to write in your native language along with English. Don’t worry we’ll ask a native to give the English copy a final proofread!

“The art of curation isn’t about the individual pieces of content themselves but about what story they tell by being placed beside each other and what statement the context they create makes about culture and the world at large”  – Maria Popova, Brainpickings

When all contributing parties (hereafter as “you”, “your”, “yourself” or “yourselves”) provide materials, including text, portraits and images (hereafter as “these materials”), to any project of Travel Kollekt (dot guides aps, hereafter as “TK” or “us” collectively), you declare yourself/yourselves to be the original creator(s), legal owner(s) or authorised copyright owner(s) of these text, portraits, images and the context depicted by these materials. 

In case of collaboration, you should hold the responsibility to inform all concerned copyright owners (hereafter as “they” or “their”) of your intention to participate in our projects with these materials, the purpose(s) of submitting these materials and acquire their consent to the publishing of these materials in our publications and relevant online/offline promotion campaigns and notify us with all necessary credits and restrictions of usage if applicable. 

In case of copyright entanglement regarding these materials submitted by you, you will automatically be answerable to all resulting legal consequences under all circumstances, regardless of Travel Kollekt’s awareness on the issue. Travel Kollekt will not be obliged to indemnify for any loss in any sense to any extent in such case.

By submitting these materials, you grant us full and unrestricted right to edit these materials, including the act of resizing, cropping and/or enhancing image files by means of sharpness and/or colour saturation whenever necessary for any edition of our publication(s), including reprints and any language edition. 

By receiving these materials, we are also permitted to use and edit these materials on respective publication’s jacket and/or cover and in any third medium, including print and electronic media, internally and externally, in connection with the promotion of the publication(s). 

Want to be a part of Travel Kollekt?

Send us a sample of your work and links to your channels… You should also know that when we partner with experts, locals and insiders, it’s not a decision based solely on the no. of followers/audience but on the individuals personal perspective, an ethical and sustainable mindset and professional background. 

Also consider that travel advice can take many formats… visual, written… micro guides to a special area in a city or remote destination. We value creativity and a fresh perspective.

That being said… We can’t wait to read your tips!