Very proud to be listed as one of 100 Inspiring Women Travel Founders: “As travel and tourism goes through a dark spell, we feel it’s important to shine a light on leaders in our industry we can look to for hope and resilience.

We’re publishing this list of 100 women entrepreneurs in our community to recognize their incredible achievements in creating positive change in travel, and in our industry.”

“The Best Innovation Since The Lonely Planet” – Business Punk

“The best innovation since the Lonely Planet” – Business Punk

April 2019, Berlin: This month was special to us. Besides our roadtrip with the Next Media Accelerator in Berlin to present our company to Axel Springer. We received a very special feature about Travel Kollekt and our founder Louise in a very, very cool magazine – Business Punk, perhaps best described as The German version of “Fast Company” wow, we are humbled and proud!!!

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