Travel Kollekt is committed to embracing more slowness, reflection, and cooperation. And we are not alone on that… We decided to use our role as “collectors” of content to gather stories from this quarantine time that should not be forgotten. We are talking about some positive side-effects of the lockdowns, like the stories of drinkable water in the Ganges, a once again visible Himalayas…


Sustainary, Stories Corner – Re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic 


SLOW Digest #2: This Is How We Digested May

SLOW Digest #2: This is how we digested May

What has recently given you hope for the future during quarantine time?

Even though many things have been postponed and gradually paused/stopped, we have hope for the future. And we also have any questions… As I imagine you do to. Some are forgotten quickly and some stay for longer. The latter are the important ones that deserves further contemplation and calls for action.

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Planning is good. If you’ve been living day by day and putting things off, now is the time to start committing to figuring out vacations, dinner parties and many other things that you might have put on ice. If situations change then you can remember that God created erasers for a reason but also keep in mind that planning is an exercise in optimism.

Monocle, Weekend Edition / TYLER BRÛLÉ, June 28, 2020

Words On Traveling In Your Mind

Words on traveling in your mind

The other day as I was biking home, I found myself listening to music and lyrics I have never heard before. I had pressed random play on my Iphone and amazingly what played was a song about “traveling in the mind”.

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Six Ways To Support Local Communities Today

Six ways to support local communities today

We believe that a good metric for tourism is the social and economic impact on local communities. This also means tourism in your own home country, region and city. As many of us are likely to travel shorter distances these coming months we would like to encourage everyone to focus their attention inwards.

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“There is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting.

…the degree of slowness is directly proportional to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting.”

“The art of curation isn’t about the individual pieces of content themselves but about what story they tell by being placed beside each other and what statement the context they create makes about culture and the world at large”