Six ways to support local communities today

We believe that a good metric for tourism is the social and economic impact on local communities. This also means tourism in your own home country, region and city. As many of us are likely to travel shorter distances these coming months we would like to encourage everyone to focus their attention inwards.


Support local shops. Local business. Tourism.

That is why in times like this we must also reflect collectively about how to create a brighter future for the smaller business, cultural institutions, experiences and destinations in our own backyard. Do you have any ideas on how we can continue supporting them now? We are here to share some thoughts we had:

1. Discover local writers and bloggers:

It is not time to cancel travel dreams, but to increase knowledge about the places we have always wanted to visit. Continuing to research the next destination is essential to increase knowledge and thus make more informed decisions. Do a search to find writers, small bloggers and people who write about the place they call home. In addition to helping them, increasing the traffic of visits on the sites, you have the chance to get to know a place from a more personal perspective, knowing hidden spots and the areas less known by travellers.

2. Buy gift cards and vouchers to use later:

The weeks and next months will have a big impact on small businesses. To support local business keeping their cash flow, you can purchase vouchers and gift cards for later use. Contact your favourite bakery, restaurant, bar and if they are not already doing so, suggest this and buy a voucher. You can also look for initiatives like that is operating in Sweden and Denmark, for instance.

3. Write a review:

This is the time to write a public review on that fantastic experience you had but never had the time. A small gesture, but one that makes all the difference especially for small companies and operators getting more awareness.

4. Book today:

Starting to book tours and accommodation today can notify operators that good times are ahead. That way they can plan better and know what better possibilities are on the way.

5. Contact local tour operators:

This may not apply in all cases, but if you already have trips scheduled for a few months ahead, it may be time to contact the tour operators you are involved with and understand their situation. It can be of great help if you anticipate part of the payment, for example, or book one more tour.

6. Continue shopping local:

If you’re not already doing that, start today in your own city. Buy and support local stores and spread this message on your network.


Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” — Carl Gustav Jung

*Photo by Artem Gavrysh on Unsplash


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