SLOW Digest #1: This is how we digested April

Lately my co-founder André and I have been exploring new ways of “traveling” in different forms and mediums. These days our minds are filled with a sense of slowness, acting responsibly, a desire for serendipitious experiences and new forms of escapism.

This first digest from Travel Kollekt, is a new monthly experiment to share some thoughts, reflections and learnings about all of the above and on what travel means for us.

My hope is that you will spend a little time reading some of our reflections, while also getting to know Travel Kollekt, myself and my co-founder André a little better. In fact we are a very small team from Denmark and Brazil, both living in Copenhagen.

What I feel for certain and many of you perhaps share this thought; That our worlds will in one way or another be smaller for a while. I sincerely sincerely hope that during this time you will stay safe, learn new things, cook some good food and consider how to author your future journeys.

Louise, Founder of Travel Kollekt

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Post Series: On planning, sustainability and serendipity...

Louise Zastrow

Louise is the Founder of Travel Kollekt. Louise is a brand strategist, editor, creative director, 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands. She has written and curated cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs (i.e. 2 editions of CITIx60 from Victionary). I am a life-long traveller has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen. I have travelled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.