SLOW Digest #2: This is how we digested May

What has recently given you hope for the future during quarantine time?

Even though many things have been postponed and gradually paused/stopped, we have hope for the future. And we also have any questions… As I imagine you do to. Some are forgotten quickly and some stay for longer. The latter are the important ones that deserves further contemplation and calls for action.

This second digest from Travel Kollekt, is about what we’ve read, seen, baked and challenged ourselves to do for the next couple of months – one of those things is a book project we’ve named “Re-Collect”.

This past month we’ve been working on a letter/open call for submissions for this project and book we want to co-create. It will be an open book for the future to a global community. But also to share with Strategy and Policy Makers to remind them of what to include in their future work for years ahead.

We’ve also traveled… This time in our minds, in our hearts, with our hands, but also by train, bike and foot. As Denmark has slowly started lifting its restrictions we’ve been fortunate to be able to act on our desire for new serendipitious, local experiences.

From Copenhagen full of hope!


Louise, Founder of Travel Kollekt

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Louise Zastrow

Louise is the Founder of Travel Kollekt. Louise is a brand strategist, editor, creative director, 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands. She has written and curated cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs (i.e. 2 editions of CITIx60 from Victionary). I am a life-long traveller has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen. I have travelled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.