Staycation as a great vacation

Planning a staycation? Why not make it a real adventure and be creative with your preparation? We gathered some information that can be useful for you to create good memories from your next local-trip. Enjoy, and please, share with us your own tips. 

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First, determine your staycation purpose

What is the purpose of this break? Are you looking to relax, being outside, having quality time with yourself or family, learning new things, or a little bit of everything?


“Stressless”, relax longer

Staycations offer a slower pace. It’s time to take a mini-break, unplug the phone, and experience escapism in nature or visiting cultural hotspots.


Rebalance your body

Do activities that put you in motion, and that gives you pleasure. Get on the bike and enjoy riding on a country road with little traffic or go hiking near a park to enjoy the scenery.


Learn something new

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn if you had the time? What about taking a class of pottery, furniture-painting, essential oils, writing… anything you want.


Make a “never have I ever” list.

Rediscover your city. Do like things you thought you would never do. Go to the attractions you visited only as a child and the neighborhoods you never had time to explore.


Support local

Go deep into your research. Discover the places that have always been there helping to build the essence of towns and their neighborhoods. This is an important time to support local businesses.


Starting your week rested and refreshed

Unlike long vacation trips, staycation respects activities in due time. Come home rested.