Week 14: From the library

Once again we’ve compiled a list of articles, books & podcasts from people who seem to be equally concerned, critical and optimistic that we can create a world of tech and digital to do better… Many also emphasize the importance of


why exactly it is that we need to check out from our daily lives and social media while we travel and allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the journey itself.

Your fight for the right to keep your memories and travel plans to yourself starts now!

Katrina Onstad for Quartz Ideas

Just because you didn’t work last weekend doesn’t mean you had a good weekend. White-collar workers are logging longer hours than a generation ago, and Americans excel at the losing game of competitive busyness. In this context, a weekend without email and spreadsheets might seem like a victory in and of itself—and it is, kind of. But if you don’t feel rejuvenated and keen to face Monday after two work-free days, there might be a reason: You’re doing your weekend wrong…

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Coach Tony for Better Humans, Medium

Here’s the basic idea: instead of tracking your work with a to-do list, track your work with a journal. For this tactic, journaling in Evernote or Notepad is fine. A paper journal would be fine too. The difference is going to come down to taste — the journal option that you find more enjoyable is the one you’re more likely to keep using. During your day, journal every time you transition from one work project to another. Write a few sentences in your journal about what you just did, and then a few more sentences about what you’re about to do…

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818, Creator Spotlight by John Makohen

Is digital killing paper? Is handwriting dead? Has retro lost its edge? Certainly not! We spoke with Peter Hobolt Jensen, director of digital innovation and strategic partnerships at Moleskine in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Milan, Italy, about bridging the gap between the analog-digital space, our intimate connection to paper, the meaning of tingslighed, and reclaiming handwriting in the user experience. Retrophiles, rejoice!

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The Disconnect

“You might be able to access and make sense of the internet. But getting away from it is becoming a privilege.”

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 WATCH: True grit: comfort vs. freedom

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