Welcome (back) to Travel Kollekt!

Thanks for being patient. Welcome! Travel Kollekt is where travel planning and journalling is made super simple. We are busy building a new take on an information-based, personal publishing platform for travel research and inspiration gathering.

It is important to stress that we are not building a social, community-driven solution – there will be no likes or follow. We want to keep it personal and relevant by making you the curator instead of an algorithm. Being in beta we’re still only accepting small batches of new ‘kollektors’ at a time. This also means you have to work a bit more, we promise to make it worthwhile!

Thanks again! It means the world that you want to take part in this incredible journey. 

Travel Kollekt does only two things!

1. “You can kollekt” travel inspiration from anything and anywhere when you find it, taking action to make sure your ideas will be remembered. No followers, no likes. It’s a tool, not a community. Simply turning your “spur of the moment” inspiration, that’s usually a mess into neatly ordered, actionable tips that won’t disappear.

2. When ready to start planning more detailed, it’s all there, waiting to be combined with expert insights from all over the globe. All the right things in only one place turned into a personally curated travel book/journal.

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Louise Zastrow

Louise is the Founder of Travel Kollekt. Louise is a brand strategist, editor, creative director, 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands. She has written and curated cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs (i.e. 2 editions of CITIx60 from Victionary). I am a life-long traveller has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen. I have travelled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.