Week 12: From the library

We’ve compiled a list of articles, books & podcasts from people who seem to be equally concerned, critical and optimistic that we can create a world of tech and digital to do better…

Many also emphasize the importance of why exactly it is that we need to check out from our daily lives and social media while we travel and allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the journey itself. Your fight for the right to keep your memories and travel plans to yourself starts now!

Kai Brach, Offscreen Magazine

“…the tech world finds itself on a soul-searching mission. The realisation that the ethical decisions made by its creators are baked into all technology has come as a surprise. It turns out that lifeless tools – such as a simple recommendation engine – are not as neutral or amoral as we thought.”

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David Sax, NYT & Author of Revenge of the Analog

“The limits of analog, which were once seen as a disadvantage, are increasingly one of the benefits people are turning to as a counterweight to the easy manipulation of digital. Though a page of paper is limited by its physical size and the permanence of the ink that marks it, there is a powerful efficiency in that simplicity. “

The Conversation

“If you wanted to give advice based on this research, it would be very simple: Put down your phone or tablet and go do something – just about anything – else.”

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Fast Company

“This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to think about my priorities a whole week in advance (rather than just day by day), which made me schedule out those work blocks a little more intentionally.”

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Punkt Electronics

“A holiday is a chance to switch off, to experience new things. But if we don’t also switch off our devices, if we continue to outsource our consciousness to image sensors and memory cards, if we’re still attached to what we were doing before we left and what we’ll be doing when we get back, it’s as if we’re paying a kind of holiday tax. Part of the experience is deducted – and not to assist the local economy, but to help line the pockets of shareholders of social media companies”

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Podcast from Hurry Slowly

“I think this idea of constraints in work and in life is super-important. There’s something about analog tools — there’s a simplicity that’s easier to get started with.”

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