Writing Competition – BoD x Travel Kollekt

Become a travel journalist and a local advocate for conscious tourism? Together with our International print partner BoD (Books on Demand) and a team of local expert writers, we are looking for your story for a conscious visit to your city.



You can share your personal perspective from today until March 31st, 2020. Your story should appeal to both environmentally conscious travelers and locals. This can be a tip on environmentally friendly means of transport, local public transport, recycling, architecture, innovations in the field of sustainability, regional, seasonal and environmentally friendly cuisine, art and culture, environmentally conscious experiences and leisure activities as well as quality of life or the creative scene.


The texts, which are selected by the local jury experts jury,  BoD and Travel Kollekt are going to be published at Travel Kollekt and the authors will get a publishing contract making their article available for purchase to travellers planning a trip to their country/cities.


Overall, there is one winner per city. Each of these authors wins a correction of the text including a translation into English by an experienced BoD lecturer. Furthermore, the best submissions are going to be part of an exclusive book compilation which is published by Travel Kollekt x BoD.


We are looking forward to reading your stories, recommendations, and perspectives – and moreover to see an incredible book compiling all fascinating responsible travel tips in Europe!


Learn how to participate in the different countries below:


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Cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus & Odense

The jury: Nanna Lee Thusgaard, Wonderful Copenhagen / Louise Zastrow, Travel Kollekt  / Lisbeth Jensen, BoD


Read more: “Kerro meille erityinen matkavinkkisi

Cities: Helsinki

The jury: Laura Santanen, Urbaani viidakkoseikkailijatar / Louise Zastrow, Travel Kollekt  /Saara Golombek, BoD

Germany, Austria & Switzerland:

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Cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Zurich

The jury: Franziska Diallo & Judith Hehl, Good Travel / Louise Zastrow, Travel Kollekt  / Bianka Albrecht, BoD


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Cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia & Granada

The jury: Mar Villaba, Mi Ruta / Louise Zastrow, Travel Kollekt  / Laura Fernández, BoD


Read more: “Skrivtävling med Travel Kollekt”

Cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö & Lund

The jury: Sofia Zetterqvist, Fantastiresor / Louise Zastrow, Travel Kollekt  / Linda Reumann, BoD



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Louise Zastrow

Louise is the Founder of Travel Kollekt. Louise is a brand strategist, editor, creative director, 10+ years of experience with creating concepts and building strong brands. She has written and curated cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs (i.e. 2 editions of CITIx60 from Victionary). I am a life-long traveller has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen. I have travelled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.